How fast does your Wi-Fi needs to be for smooth streaming?

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Here’s a simple guide to help you understand better what your requirements are to achieve your daily tasks that require the internet.

Streaming speeds required to music

Online streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, or Apple Music allow you to stream music at different qualities for data-saving purposes. Handing you the ability to calculate your data usage. Here are the minimum megabytes per second required to stream music at their respective different qualities:

Streaming Speed Breakdown
Low Quality:0.13 Mbps
Medium Quality:0.16 Mbps
Highest Quality:0.3 Mbps

Note that the requirements differ per streaming service. These are averages.

Streaming speeds required for YouTube

Youtube is a video-based platform where videos allow the option to stream in 4K resolution. However, Youtube also allows you to stream at a lower resolution setting for instances where one is listening to an audiobook. Knowing your preferred viewing option is a great way to understand how much data you need per second to stream video content on Youtube.

Streaming speeds breakdown (YouTube)
Standard Definition >360p streaming:0.7 Mbps
Standard Definition480p streaming:1.1 Mbps
High Definition720p streaming:2.5 Mbps
High Definition1080p streaming:5 Mbps
4K streaming
2160p streaming:25 Mbps

Streaming speeds required for Netflix

Fortunately for the bingers, Netflix has a similar ability to select different viewing quality settings. These are divided into three:

Streaming Speeds (Netflix)
Standard Definition3 Mbps
High Definition5 Mbps
4K Premium25 Mbps

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