Application Form Terms and Conditions

Credit Check Terms and Conditions

I hereby consent that, and authorise Freedom Now (“the Company”)

a) To contact, request and obtain information (for the avoidance of doubt this includes any and all information held on my profile by Compuscan Information Technologies (Pty) Ltd (“Compuscan”) including payment profile information) from Compuscan (a registered credit bureau) to perform an assessment of my behaviour, profile, payment patterns, indebtedness, whereabouts, and creditworthiness in any format (including in pdf, xml or raw data string) available from Compuscan and to continuously access my information from Compuscan for research and analytical purposes and to decide whether to grant access to credit to me in future;

b) Make any reasonable enquiries to verify and research any details provided by me to the company;

c) To access the information in any format, including online, batch and raw xml string in an unmasked format.

Package Selection Terms and Conditions

  • I understand the speeds vary depending on the proximity of the router to the LTE tower, obstructions and other factors.
  • I understand that half of the data of my package is for use at night between 12:00 am and 07:00 am.
  • I understand that the Home Cloud product range is not sold on a prepaid basis but rather on a month-to-month recurring billing basis.
  • I understand that the monthly quota is refreshed at the beginning of the month. Any unused data from the previous month is not carried forward.
  • I understand that no pro-rata amount will be added to my account before the start of the first full subscription.
  • I understand that I may terminate an agreement/service only after 90 days and 5 days before the next scheduled debit order.
  • I understand that pausing and downgrading are only applicable after 90 days.
  • I understand that there is a once-off R99 activation fee.
  • I understand that each invoice has a recurring package selection administration fee of R15.

d) Please note it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain their own SIM card and provide Home Cloud with the MSISDN number (Telkom number) of the active SIM. Failure to do so does not preclude Home Cloud from debiting your account for the applicable monthly premium. Home Cloud will only ever provide data for the current applicable month.

Cancellation Policies

No lock-in Month-To-Month contract:
A customer may terminate an agreement/service only after 90 days and 5 days before the next scheduled debit order. Click here to request a cancellation.

Cancellation Request

Before you request a cancellation, please ensure you are familiar with our cancellation T&C’s & other options:

Cancellation fees:

You may terminate an agreement/service only after 90 days.

Month-to-Month (after 90 days) Cancellation fees:
For Month-to-Month no-lockin contracts, we require no cancellation fees.

Click here for more info on cancellation policies.