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more fun.

Top-Up Wireless Internet
As a Home Cloud customer, you can stay connected for less with some of South Africa’s lowest Top-Up prices.

Please be sure to use the appropriate Top-Up method relevant to your package type.

Top-Up Gold

How to Top-Up with
Home Cloud Gold

  1. Go to our new Customer Zone.
  2. If you’ve already created a profile, log in. If not, register here.
  3. Click on the button “Top-Up Now”.
  4. Select a prefered data package.
  5. Click “Pay Now”.
  6. Enter your card details and submit.
Data Price
10GB + 10GB R302
20GB + 20GB R403
40GB + 40GB R534
60GB + 60GB R635
100GB + 100GB R837
200GB + 200GB R1210

*Top-Up data usually take between 2-24 hours to be loaded to your account. However, at peak times, it can take up to 3 business days. 

Follow these quick steps to check your data balance.

Please be sure to use the appropriate balance check method relevant to your package type.

Track Data Usage: Home Cloud Gold

  1. To check your data balance:
    1. Make sure you are logged into your Home Cloud Wi-Fi
    2. Go to the following balance checker
    3. Scroll down to the “Bundles” section

    Data Balance Check

    If you need further assistance, please call 0861 208 107 or email

Data running out too fast?

When streaming any content or using applications (YouTube, radio or video-streaming, Skype, etc.) over an LTE connection, the adaptive bit-rate loading is much faster, which means that your data is consumed faster than on a 3G connection. In simpler terms, the faster your internet connection, the faster you are able to consume data. Like a Ferrari… It goes really fast, but uses more petrol.

If your connection quality is better, the stream will choose a better-quality bit rate of streaming, which results in significantly more data usage while streaming on an LTE connection compared to a 3G connection. Subscribers that sign up for an LTE package are advised to subscribe to the bigger-volume bundles.


You can contact us via Live Chat on our website, or email and we’ll send you package upgrade forms. These must be filled in and returned to us so your upgrade can be processed.

Please note that the upgrade will be activated at the end of the existing month.