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What is LTE?

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution (LTE) which is a high-speed wireless broadband technology.

LTE is the latest generation of mobile technology and is a step up from 3G technology offering faster network Downlink and uplink speeds.

You can expect up to a maximum of *90Mbps download speed and up to a maximum of 25Mbps upload speed. That means enhanced gaming, video streaming and music and app downloads.

*LTE Speeds vary for reasons like location, distance from base stations, terrain, user numbers, hardware/software configuration, download source and upload destination. Speeds vary significantly depending on the device used to pick-up the LTE network.

Check coverage

LTE availability is subject to location and tower space, so we need to make sure you have sufficient coverage.


When will I get my order?

Dispatch happens after all supporting documents is received by your sales associate.
You will receive & email with your waybill tracking number and other package details prior to delivery.

Has my order has been dispatched?

You will receive & email with your way bill number and other package details prior to delivery.

Change/setup Wi-Fi password

  1. Make sure you are connected to the router with a smart phone/tablet or desktop/laptop, through a cabled connection or through the Wi-Fi. (using the default settings found underneath the router on a sticker).
  2. Open up an internet browser (Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera).
  3. In the top Address bar type in (- This is the default IP address of the router)
  4. You should now see the Huawei log on screen.
  5. There will be a prompt to ask you to log in, the username is: admin and the Password is: admin – by default. ( If there is no prompt, click on log in or any button and it will then ask you to log in)
  6. The prompt will ask you to change the log in password to the router. You can either do this now or say change later. ( this will change the admin password)
  7. Click on settings
  8. On the left hand side click on WLAN
  9. Then select Basic settings, you should now see
  10. The box next to SSID is the name of the Wi-Fi network, this is where you change the name.
  11. Please select the last option for security mode. ( WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK)
  12. The box next to WPA pre-shared key is where you change the password to your Wi-Fi network.
  13. Leave SSID broadcast on enable.
  14. Click on apply and the router will restart and you will have to connect to the new Wi-Fi name and enter the new password in. ( if the device has not restarted pull out the power cable on the back of the router and plug it back in)
  15. You will need to scan for the new network name and enter in the password you just created.

About the router

More information coming soon.

Software updates

Software updates


Track Data usage/balance (Home Cloud Gold)

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Billed to much?

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Let’s say you become a new Home Cloud customer and received your sim card on the 15th of the month.

You will receive the full amount of data for that month, however, since the month was already half-way through, you’ll only have to pay a certain percentage of the monthly subscription based on how many days you have used the data.

Upgrades & Downgrades

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Can I get faster speed?

More information coming soon.

Slow internet speeds

Reasons for slow speed could be:

  • You could have depleted/reached your monthly data limit/cap and therefore be in a SoftCap mode (allowing you to still access the internet at a reduced speed).
  • The distance between your device and WiFi router is too far.
  • Some electrical appliances and physical obstructions in the line of sight between devices may interfere with the signal such as microwave ovens, electrical fence, and other Wi-Fi access points in the area.
  • The type of LTE device/router used impacts LTE speeds significantly.

As more devices are connected to the network simultaneously, the speeds per device will also decrease. For example, if you had one device connected to the router and was getting a download speed of 40Mbps, then if you connected a secondary device to the router, the speed would be split across the two devices giving an approximate speed of 20Mbps per device.


No connectivity

On the rare occasion, you may experience slow or limited connectivity. This could be due to the following reasons:

  1. The network is undergoing maintenance or upgrades.
  2. There is an unusually high network usage on your closest LTE tower.
  3. Your device, on which you are accessing the internet, is too far away from the router.
  4. There may be obstructions between your device and the router.
  5. The router may require a software update.
  6. There may be a malfunction with your router.
  7. There may be a malfunction with your devices Wi-Fi receiver.

Router issues

More information coming soon.

Software update required

More information coming soon


Data running out too fast

When streaming any content or using applications (YouTube, radio or video-streaming, Skype, etc.) over an LTE connection, the adaptive bit-rate loading is much faster, which means that your data is consumed faster than on a 3G connection. In simpler terms, the faster your internet connection, the faster you are able to consume data. Like a Ferrari… It goes really fast, but uses more petrol.

If your connection quality is better, the stream will choose a better-quality bit rate of streaming, which results in significantly more data usage while streaming on an LTE connection compared to a 3G connection. Subscribers that sign up for an LTE package are advised to subscribe to the bigger-volume bundles.


Track Data usage/balance

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Upgrades & Downgrades

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Unused Data

Any data not used within your calendar month is forfeited.