Corona impact?

Need more data at home for a few months? Try our uniquely flexible, affordable, short-term wireless internet solution:

Corona impact?

Need more data at home for a few months? Try our uniquely flexible, affordable, short-term wireless internet solution:

Our Flexi LTE data packages allow you to:

  • Use data at home, in the office or on the go
  • Pause for up to 2 months,
  • Downgrade / Upgrade any time,
  • Cancel any time,
  • All at our normal low prices!

How it works:

Our online application process is fast!
No Credit Check!

  1. Application.
    Take 5 minutes to complete our simple online application.

    Option 1: Get a new Telkom SIM card. You can purchase one at your closest retail shop, spaza shop or at your nearest garage.
    Option 2: If you have an existing Telkom SIM card, set it to the Smartbroadband tariff plan by dialling *180*7*2# and following the prompts on the screen.
    Please Note: To complete your application and activate your order email your ID number and your Telkom SIM number to [email protected]
  3. Setup.
    Once activated, you can simply insert the SIM into a smartphone or LTE router for an enhanced experience.
    You can get an LTE router from Incredible Connection, Game or
  4. Payment
    Your first payment will be charged on your nominated debit date.
    It will include the once-off R99 activation fee, pro-rata amount and your first month’s subscription.

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More Information


Download speed: 
Up to 90Mbps* download speeds.

Upload speed: 
Up to 25Mbps* upload speeds.

*Speeds can be affected by a number of conditions and highest speeds are only possible with an LTE Router. With that said, if you are in an area with good coverage and there are no big obstructions, you can expect speeds more than suitable for watching YouTube, Netflix face time, and more.


Anytime Data:
7am – 12am. If Night Surfer Data has been used, Anytime Data will be used if available.

Normal Night Surfer Data:
12am – 7am. Best use this time for large downloads, forward-streaming, and updates.

Unused Data Does Not Roll Over to the next month.


No phone line required.

Simply insert the Sim Card into your device and enjoy.


No-Lock-in Contract. 30 day cancellation notice required.

View Top-Up packages.

Payment is prepaid, not pro rata, meaning if payment is not made, data will not be loaded to your account.


The first charge raised on the account will be for the next full month ie. No pro-rata charges.

Data will be “recharged” to the sim once the first debit order is successful and will be the allotted amount for the next full month.

Pausing, upgrading and downgrading

Requests for account pause, upgrades and downgrades need to be made at least 5 days prior to debit order date. Accounts can be paused for a maximum of 2 months at a time.